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Down2Date - Find Your Person

"Bringing in person connection back to dating."

(Click on Image: Down2Date)

Down2Date was created by “two ladies trying to save the world from swiping madness!” They were inspired by never-ending dating horror stories and wanted to create a safe space for all individuals to meet other singles wanting to be more intentional about their search for the right person.

Dating can definitely be difficult and is a “vulnerable, intimidating and high-stakes endeavour,” which is why Down2Date has a vetting process to ensure everyone that attends their events is looking for the same thing - a long-term, committed relationship!

(Down2Date: Vetting Process)

If you’re ready to stop swiping and be more intentional in your search then head to Down2Date to fill out their questionnaire and find your person!

Their upcoming Singles Mixer is on January 30th and you don’t want to miss it!


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